Hydraulic maintenance equipment for military applications

Hydraulic test unit for military aircrafts

In cooperation with Partex LLC, Hycom developed a test unit especially for the Russian market. These test units …
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Hydraulic aggregate for a production line

For one of our customers in the industry we developed a hydraulic system based on smart customization. Because of this, we have managed to realize …
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Hydraulic power unit for a production line
Hydraulic cylinder with manifold and accumulators to open the Dollegoor bridge

Overhaul Dollegoor-bridge

For the revision of the Dollegoor bridge, Hycom supplied a hydraulic aggregate and two cylinders. The hydraulic aggregate is fitted with a tank …
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Triple maintenance system with Omnidrive system

For a West-European aircraft builder Hycom has equipped a mobile unit with a special drive system. Instead of a conventional undercarriage with …
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Triple maintenance system with Omnidrive system
3D drawing of powerpack for aircraft maintenance

Power pack containers

With fixed hangar hydraulic systems it is not always possible to place the hydraulic pump unit and accessories in a basement. For these situations …
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Hydraulic systems industry | Standard HPU

Hycom designs and builds hydraulic systems for one of the largest manufacturers of machinery for steel fabrication and plate processing related industries …
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HPU connected to machine
Operating panel Multipurpose test rig

Hydraulic systems industry | Multipurpose test rig

This multipurpose test rig has been engineered in order to develop hydraulic components. Every test station (5 in total) can individually run autonomous …
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Turn-key hydraulic system for a water injection dredger

The Hydac group has delivered the active heave hydraulic system, the active heave winches, the diesel driven hydraulic power unit, …
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Gas station for hydraulic system of water injection dredger
Hydraulic system for active heave swell compensators

Hydraulic active heave system Swell compensators

The Hydac group has delivered the active heave hydraulic system, the gas station and the control system for a dredging vessel. This …
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Belgium | 40 MW Cutter Suction Dredger

For a Belgian Dredging company, Hycom, part of the Hydac group, has supplied the hydraulic system including a high tech dynamic active …
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