High quality service guaranteed

Maintenance & Repairs

On-site on your premises. We are specialised in solving hydraulic problems and can give you advice on improvements to your system. Maintenance can be carried out on the spot on a regular basis or when required. For regular maintenance we can offer a large range of possibilities which include a service agreement, customized to your requirements. To prevent unexpected downtime of your system or sudden equipment failures, we can install condition monitoring equipment. This way,  maintenance and repairs can be done when it fits your planning, to minimize the downtime of your equipment.  

Even with proper maintenance a component breakdown or system failure can never be ruled out. For these situations, we can offer our repair service in one of our well-equipped workshops around the world. We can repair your system or component in our workshops and get your system up and running on short notice.

The Hycom Service Team can be contacted via this phone number: +31 88 0597 300.

The most critical and important elements

Motor/ Pump test bench

Pumps and motors are the two most important and crucial parts of your hydraulic system. In order to ensure the pumps and motors of your system keep working properly, they can be inspected and tested on our Pump/Motor Test Bench. When repairs to the pump or motor are needed, all parts will be fully checked and the parts will be replaced with original parts, if necessary. After the repairs it will be tested and set to your system specifications in order for it to work seamlessly when returned to you.

Modification & Overhaul

Times and needs change. This often means your system is not completely up to the task anymore. When your existing system is outdated or no longer meets the demands of the latest regulations it can be money and time efficient to overhaul, modify or upgrade your system to your newly assessed needs. The complete process, from engineering to commissioning of the new functions, can be done on location or in one of our workshops worldwide. You can focus on other parts of the project and rest assured the project will be finished on schedule.

Commissioning & Installation

Our commitment to your project goes beyond just delivering the hydraulic system. From the installation to the flushing of the hydraulic system and the actual commissioning, an experienced team is available for you, wherever you may be located. Whether it has to do with the commissioning of complete offshore hydraulics systems, dredgers, aviation test systems or hydraulics for civil or industrial projects; we have the right equipment and team for all possible applicable situations.

Saving capital

Rental Equipment

Rent the equipment at the moment you need it, instead of making major investments and unnecessarily tying up capital. When equipment is only required for short periods of time, there is understandable opposition to making any costly investment. Renting the equipment is an economical and flexible alternative which will reduce your project time and costs.  Whenever you need a piece of equipment such as flushing systems, booster units, Hydraulic Power Units, measuring equipment or mobile filtration systems – it’s there, ready for you! We will ensure that the rental equipment will be available on schedule and your project will run smoothly.

Spare Parts

To optimize the uptime of your system we have a large range of spare parts which can be delivered or kept in stock. Whether it’s an original part or an alternative part, we ensure the quality of your system. Our team of professionals can help you by selecting and offering the best solution. Because of our locations worldwide, there will always be a partner nearby.


Machines and systems in use today, have a high degree of specialisation. However, focusing on the core business is a necessary step in safeguarding our competitive side. Therefore operating or maintaining this equipment needs to be carried out by skilled people. We can offer you training for the products or systems, both in-house and on location. From basic to advanced hydraulics, our training will be customized to your needs.


Do you always measure ‘accurately’? Your measuring and test equipment should measure all important values as accurately as possible. In order to guarantee this, the test equipment must be calibrated regularly. Optimize the quality of your test equipment by using our calibration service. All the calibration equipment we use is traceable to national and international measurement standards.

Fluid Analytics

Fluid Engineering covers the entire spectrum of fluid technology, e.g. hydraulic oils, lubricants, cooling lubricants, water, cleaning and testing. Our own research and development centre, the FluidCareCenter, has the facilities to examine the customer’s requirements with a focus on filtration and to develop optimal and situation-specific solutions. In today’s industry, the condition of the fluid in your machinery is crucial for optimal machine performance. This means that through analysis of your system, maintenance can be planned and downtime can be reduced which ensures your machine functions to the best of its abilities.