Hydraulic system for the Botlek Bridge

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To replace the existing Botlek-Bridge, as part of the  larger A15 motorway expansion project, a new bridge is built. The new Botlek bridge  is one of Europe’s biggest moveable / lifting bridge. Hycom has developed and built the complete hydraulic system consisting of systems for locking the bridge when closed or open and also systems for tensioning of the drive cable and the balance cable.

In total Hycom has supplied over 200 cylinders, 4 large hydraulic power units, 16 small hydraulic power units, 16 accumulator stations and the piping.

Hycom also commissioned the complete system on site.

Locking bridge Closed
The hydraulic system is used for movement of the locking devices and for tensioning the bridge deck on its girders.
Locking bridge Open
This part is a passive hydraulic system which will be needed in case of service and maintenance of the bridge / counterweight.
Drive cable tensioning
The Drive Cable Tensioning system is an active/passive hydraulic system which assures a continuous and controlled dampening of the drive cable.
Balance cable tensioning
The Balance Cable Tensioning system is a passive hydraulic system which assures a continuous pretensioning of the balance cable.